Back in the late part of 2012, New Jersey based comic artists and small press publishers Dave Ryan and Joe Martino started discussing merging Joe’s JGM Comics and Dave’s Red Anvil Comics. Between the two of them, they have a combined experience of over 40 years of producing comics and publishing experience for a wide audience.

During the course of their discussions, they tried to come up with a company name that both grabbed and inspired but nothing really grabbed or inspired them! Ultimately, it finally dawned on them that they already had a great name – in Red Anvil Comics.
And thus, Red Anvil Comics was reborn. One of the label’s major goals is to make not just “great comics” but to make great comics that either one of the founders would spend their own money to purchase in stores if they weren’t already the creators.

With this goal in mind, the company’s initial line up consists of Owlgirls, The Mighty Titan, War of the Independents and Cyberines. There are also additional titles in production which will be announced as they each near their completion dates.


joe m

Joe Martino is a tattooed IT guy by day, a two time cancer survivor and a father of four great kids.

Joe is the creator of the comic book heroes Shadowflame, Ripperman and The Mighty Titan! He has been creating comics since he was 10 years old. His big “break” came when he decided to do everything (mostly) on his own and publish Shadowflame back in 1996.

Joe has also had two very successful Kickstarter campaigns that have enabled him to publish out his cancer biopic “The Mighty Titan” without taking food from his kids mouths.



Dave Ryan is best known for his Eagle Award nominee comic book series called War of the Independents which features dozens of original creator owned heroes such as Too Much Caffeine Man, The Maxx, Mazscara and The Tick.

Dave has three other creator owned titles called Owlgirls, Penance and Bye BiPolar.

He has worked on other comic titles such as Hercules, Judge Dredd, Xenya and is currently inking Unbearable for Crucial Comics.

Ryan comes from the city of Bayonne, New Jersey and attended New Jersey City State College where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration. He now resides in Aberdeen, NJ.