Shadowflame 20th Anniversary Kickstarter

Shadowflame 20th Anniversary

Has it REALLY been 20 years? 

Yes, Shadowflame #1 published by JGM Comics in Black and White and was in comic shops in January 1996!

Shadowflame has a special place in my heart. I created him back n 1985 when I was 14 years old. When I created him he was more of a traditional hero with the superman trunks and boots. When I decided to do this as a mini series in the 90’s I redesigned him and tried to make him a little more unique.


Shadowflame in 1990.

I am not sure if I succeeded but since then I put out a Black and White 4 issue mini series through JGM and CFD and a relaunched mini series that was published by Arcana Comics in 2007.

The first issue of Shadowflame was released in January of 1996 and now we are doing an Ultimate 20 year anniversary edition!

Keep coming back to the News and Updates section for more info on the launch but it is looking like it may be in November!

I’m working on the rewards which will include Shirts, prints, commissions and some other really cool unique pieces from Shadowflame’s history and past. I lost a ton of unique and one of a kind stuff in Hurricane Sandy. Most of the Arcana sets are gone. Original art was destroyed. More stuff that I don’t even want to think about. You can see on the photo below you can see that my Shadowflame statue had his neck broken.

Damage from Sandy

Damage from Sandy

As I stated before. I love Shadowflame. He has a tight fan base and I want to get this done for them as much as me.

Let me know if there is something you would like to see in the upcoming Shadowflame 20th Anniversary Ultimate Hardcover Edition?

Thanks all!