Owlgirls#1-coverMagda, Martha, and Maggie are the “Owlgirls” who find themselves living in a human world of murder, death and disaster.

New York City, 1940. Things are not always quite what they seem. Three sisters live in a typical three-story building in SoHo above a mortuary, only they are quite atypical of “regular” New Yorkers. The sisters live in a kind of shadowy, mystical corner of reality. The folks who live in the neighborhood know of the women but try to stay away from them as much as possible. These three sisters have a mystical connection to Death – an old woman who appears to them and often talks to Gebedhia, the owner of the mortuary and lover of the oldest sister.

The Owlgirls themselves are the creation of artist Rachele Aragno, who lives in Italy, and provides the pencils, inks and ink washes for the Owlgirls story. Dave Ryan provides art direction and enhancement as well as editing, and written (based on Rachele’s synopsis), by writer Robert J. Sodaro.

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