This story begins the saga of the Ripperman, Killer of Killers. The birth child of God”s disgust for humanities crimes and the Devil”s ambition, the Ripperman was created by both angel and demon. Thrown into a world that he doesn’t understand, he falls under the teachings of Father Thomas Jacob to learn the ways of the Lord – but not if the devil has anything to say about it!

Ripperman is a character that Joe Martino created in late 1987.  It seemed as though all you heard about was killers and rapists. Sadly, that’s still all we hear about today. He constantly wonder “Where is God in all of this?  Why doesn’t he do something?” Receiving no answer, Joe came up with one in the darkest reaches of my mind… ‘What if God and the Devil got together and created a killer of killers?’ That was all the incentive I needed.  The Ripperman was born!”

Red Anvil Comics presents what we feel to be the darkest chapter in human history. A being created solely for the purpose of ridding the world of those who might otherwise escape their deserved ends.

The first collaboration of God and the Devil since the creation of Heaven…