1iEUQEJw9R4ZF8-K2VUwIN1A_kMEPA4v4PDxKc1lh8k,4yztPNkGU8NkawnUi_ec_1Xq7_P-q7krQ3iPXVYafp8When all the mainstream heroes are defeated – it’s up to the independent heroes to save the day!

Over 200 independent and creator-owned comic characters for the largest, most ambitious, inter-company crossover ever! When villains attempt to create an inter-dimensional doorway for world conquest, they wind up confronting a plethora of heroes from across the muiltiverse to stop them. Indie characters include Mike Allred’s (Fantastic 4) Madman, Faust, Captain Canuck, Tick, Gumby, E-Man, Zen, Badger, Too Much Coffee Man, Scud, and many, many more!

Covers by Todd Nauck and the flip cover by Chris Giarusso set up a landmark battle royale in indie comics history bringing together creators and their characters from all around the world.


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